of elves and angels and kings

guya elf


elf 1

Of elves and angels and dragons and kings

To tell of elves and angels and king of cupsdragons and kings

To normal folk, who know not of such things

Such timeless things have no beginning, no end

Makes such a tale difficult to rend

Of a land of ice, so dark and so cruel

Where the wisest mind can play a quite a fool

dragon 1Dragons get bored, for they like to play

They need entertainment to fill up their day

They care not of the consequences of what they do

Nor give a thought of who they do it to

So a bored dragon is not really all that nice

He will do what he wants, and never think twicebadass dragon

Elves know not of such dangerous thoughts

And if you don’t know you are prey it is easy to get caught

Now elves can be clever, but not always aware

And go about their business without much of a care

Not really too worried, not really that brave

Not likely to venture too far from their cave

They fear the dark, the ice and the cold

Danger not their gig, neither brazen nor bold

Unaware of warning signs,

live in a box, don’t cross the lines

always so many tasks to attend to

work and work is just what they do

So they carry out their work in ignorant bliss

the dragon, oh the dragon is aware of all this

As he lies and waits for the oblivious elf

He waits above the cave, behind a rock shelfdragon love

He wastes a good mind, he conspires and plots

Doing his best to come up with a plan

If you don’t use your heart it just dies and rots

As true for dragons as it is for man

Then a silent sweep, the dragon glides to the ground

The poor startled little elf stops and looks around

“what on earth do you ever want with me?

Not even the smallest of snacks would I be”

elf 2“Not lunch! “roars the dragon,” but my toy, and my game

I need some amusement and will enjoy your pain”

What is an elf to do, no weapons no defense

The situation was dire,whole thing getting tense

All she could do was stand there and cry

One silver tear from the corner of the eye

But something magic happens when elves shed a tear

Almost out of sight but always so near

angel2Angels stand by, always at the ready

Eyes always open, heart always steady

A mere angel is no match for a dragon so strong

But angels can see what is right and what is wrong

The angel knew the answer lay far away

And it would have to be dealt with in just the right way

So with all strength mustered she took to her wing

The angel went to tell the most powerful king

Now the king is a giant of a man, handsome and kindtarot king with elf

With a compassionate heart and a brilliant mind.

Sweet kind and caring as all kings should be

Wants only the best for as far he can see

The king has a solution both witty and wise

He explains to the angel with twinkling eyes

A rescue and punishment both fitting and fine

And with the angel’s powers it was done in no time

Magical bird takes flight.

The dragon blinked in shock and dismay

What was in his sight had flashed just away

And alone in the cold and the dark and the ice

With no one to play with, ‘cause he wouldn’t play nice

The elf now, by the way, was surrounded by friends

And playing on an a beach that just never ends

Warms sun, warm hearts, as safe as can be

Full of giggles and smiles for all there to see

A life full and happy, not just a toy

More than just work now to bring the elf joy

The dragon forever frozen in the dark

With nary a victim, nary a mark

While the king, angel and elf play in the sun

sad dragonThe disgruntled dragon thinks…well, that wasn’t much fun.